Introducing an all-new parking payment system at Bangsar South. It’s ticketless, contactless and surcharge-less!

Selected parking entrances in Bangsar South now offer tap-and-go ticketless parking, where you can enter with a wave of your Mastercard, Visa and MyDebit cards (Touch n’ Go and e-wallets coming soon!).

This means no more worries about germs on banknotes, leaving tickets in the car, carrying enough small change for payment or hoping payment machines accept your notes!

What’s more, you can still enjoy discounted and flat rate parking even without a ticket!

Your convenience and safety are our top priority. Experience ticketless parking the next time you drop by Bangsar South!

Ticketless & Cashless Payment


Step 1

TAP credit or debit card to enter


Step 2

TAP credit or debit card to exit
(ensure you use the same card)

Cashless Ticket Payment


Step 1

PUSH button to dispense ticket and enter


Step 2

PAY with credit or debit card at Autopay Station


Step 3

INSERT paid ticket to exit

You can now enjoy ticketless parking via these entrances:

Is cashless and ticketless parking available throughout Bangsar South?
Yes, visitors can enjoy cashless and ticketless parking via the following entrances:

  • Connexion Conference & Event Centre (CCEC)
  • Life Care Diagnostic Medical Centre
  • Nexus
  • The Horizon
  • The Sphere
  • The Vertical
  • The Village
  • VE Hotel & Residence
Click here for visitor car park entrance map

Which cashless payment options are accepted?
Visa, Mastercard and MyDebit cards are accepted. Payment via Touch n’ Go will be added at a later date. We’re looking at alternative payment options too!

Can I reserve parking spaces?
Parking reservations are currently unavailable. However, a valet parking service is available at Level G, The Sphere.

Can I enter and exit using different payment methods?
The same method must be used upon entry and exit. If there’s a problem with the payment method used, press the intercom button or proceed to our car park office during office hours for assistance.

Can I still use these parking entrances if I do not have a credit/debit card?
Yes, entrances will still dispense tickets for entry. Remember to pay at any Autopay Station (located at Level B1 in The Sphere, The Horizon and The Vertical) before exiting.

Can I enter if my debit/credit card doesn’t have sufficient balance?
Yes, you can still enter but you won’t be able to exit until payment is cleared.

How do I find out the amount charged without a parking ticket?
The amount charged will be displayed on the screen when you tap your debit/credit card at the exit point.

Will I receive any notifications after payment?
There will be an entry on your bank transaction record on the next day. You may also receive an SMS depending on your bank.

Will I get a receipt with ticketless parking?
You will not receive a physical receipt should you choose to use ticketless parking.

Are there any surcharges for ticketless parking?
No surcharge will be applied for using this payment method.

Are there any special rates for students, the elderly, or disabled people who use ticketless parking?
No special rates apply for ticketless parking.

Can motorcycles use ticketless parking?
No, motorcyclists are presently required to use tickets.

What should I do if my payment card is not accepted at the parking entrance?
You may press the button to dispense a ticket for entry.

What should I do if my payment card is not accepted at the parking exit?
Press the intercom button or proceed to our car park office during office hours for assistance.

Can I use credit/debit cards which are not issued in Malaysia?
Yes, most foreign-based cards are accepted for ticketless parking.

Am I required to enter my PIN when using ticketless parking?
Our ticketless parking system supports contactless debit and credit card payments. However, you may need to enter your PIN if prompted.

Will my PIN be stored in the device?
No, your PIN will not be stored.

Is there a grace period for entering ticketless parking?
There is a 15-minute grace period for those who enter via ticketed entry only.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Also, for our season car park users, we heard you loud and clear – online season parking renewal is now available! Enjoy secure, hassle-free online payment with Mastercard, Visa and FPX (Financial Process Exchange) for your season parking fee here: