Zest Café At The Sphere

This article on Zest Café originally appeared in the Foodilicious at The Sphere Bangsar South online campaign.

Zest Cafe in Bangsar South who advocates healthy yet delicious food. Located inside The Sphere, Bangsar South, Zest Cafe goes by the tagline “Food for the body, and food for the soul”. It’s rather appropriate actually, as we were told that Zest Cafe practises MSG-free, low salt, low sugar, low cream, no deep-fried food, no margarine, only butter, and uses 100% olive oil.

Pumpkin Soup

Nothing was wrong with the pumpkin but I prefer it to be more thick and concentrated. 😉

Wild Mushroom Soup

I can literally tell that they blended the portobello Mushroom together with garlic and cream. It was really flavorful and toothsome.

Zest Salad

Never had such salad before. Unique , unusual and DELECTABLE. Grilled squash, zucchini, and aubergine…topped with three succulent prawns and drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Vegetarian fresh spaghetti

Fresh homemade pasta cooked in traditional bolognese (tomato)sauce. Noodles were soft and mushy. Not sure whether this was the ”suppose-to-be” texture. Maybe because it’s eggless… hmm ;/

Prawn Spaghetti in Pesto Sauce

The pasta lubricated with discerning lashing of olive oil with the neon-green light pesto herbs. It really has some secret recipe in it, I was enchanted, kept feeding self with swirled-strands of mouthful pasta! Crunchy pine nuts are tossed in to give a contrast texture to the pasta. I somehow quite like it. The herbs were superlatively refreshing. *Recommended*

Seafood Aglio Olio

Looks rather plain but full of flavors. The rather strong yet subtle piquancy of prawns coated every single strands of noodles… I love making sounds with I eat’em! Like the suction machine ”ssssssslurrp”…when it comes to eat, you really have to let go of yourself and indulge. ;D agree? So, when we eat, we go all out… Not enough spicy? Order more chili flakes and toss them in yourself. Look at the chili scalp on the head of noodles…Looks appealing and appetizing!

If you ask for my opinion, no, not enough spicy. I always eat like this ,more chili, more flakes, more happiness! The chili will never be enough , especially when I eat with the chinese flat dough,better known as ‘pan mee’.

Aubergine Spinach Lasagna

Somehow something is missing. Yet I don’t know what is it. Maybe salt? hmmm…The lack of one flavor, turns me down. All I know is they used a lot of aubergine and spinach in this lasagna. They are more keen to create a healthy and delicious menu, so you find the cheese isn’t that ‘generous’ but that’s what I like..

Rosemary Chicken

Tender as it suppose to be, supple like baby’s butt, the rosemary’s scented flavor also, enchanted the roasted chicken. Drizzle plentiful of brown sauce, I nodded to myself, showing a rather serious expression, symbolizing the acknowledgement of this chicken. *Thumbs up*

Seafood Chicken Paella

Seafood risotto. Sounds better, more familiar. With chunky chicken breast, squid, prawns and mushrooms.
Not to forget the traffic light pepper! ;D

Stew beef in tortilla wrap

A healthy version of tortilla wrap. They used wholemeal instead of bleach white flour. 😉
Stew were overall acceptable but not outstanding.

Pan grilled Salmon on Potato Gratin

Salmon,strips of salmon, pan-fried strip salmon. Pan-fried-strip-flavorsome salmon.
rich in omega-3 and DHA. I like the presentation. In every way, from how the Salmon was lied on the bed of Potato Gratin; beads of unknown elements on orangy-colored sauces, to how each other were combined and paraded itself on a plate.

Tuber bean kofta

It’s a middle eastern dish. Something like burger patties, but instead of meat, they used beans! Very healthy one I must say! It left me guilt-free though I wasn’t sure how much I ate but I think I had it all, I guess? Well, who cares?
Brown mushroom sauces were placed aside of the plate meticulously, but some accidentally fell and dirty on the patty.Anyway, what a lick-ka-licious tuber bean kofta.!

Stew lamb with Pilav Rice

Rice lover will never want to miss this. Apart from the western and middle-east cuisine, they also serve eastern cuisine. The five herbs spices can easily be identify here, lamb were soft enough to chew.

Rib eye steak

So, pinkish red steaks easily encapsulate your heart?
I do not have any compliment on this as I only eat the most-outer-100%-cooked parts.. ;DD
Some say the best steak must eat when the middle is still pinkish red, middle rare precisely.
I prefer well done.

Mr.Ong, the health conscious person, the owner for Zest Cafe. He has the calling to get our bad eating habits fixed. He see the needs, he took the lead. That’s why he gained my respect . 😉
You see it, you go for it!
Chances will slip away if you don’t hold it tightly. This is overall a healthy restaurant which has been modified to suit our not-very-healthy taste buds. I think we should try out this place,we should start to change our heavy eating habits to a lighter one…bit by bit , day by day, and at the end, we’ll reap the benefits, not for others, but also ourselves… 😉

Last but not least, we had a simple dessert to mark the end of the heavy meal.

Pancake with pineapple cocktail compote

Article source: Eunice’s Euphoria