The Komune-al Lifestyle – The Co-Living Life in Bangsar South

Isolated living is reserved for hermits and mystical gurus. For everyday millennials, it’s more important to live in a society, in a place where you can interact, work, and play with like-minded people. 

In comes the concept of co-living: a modern style of accommodation where all your daily needs are taken care of, combined with the added experience of living within a community. It facilitates interaction, community activities, and experiences – the things many millennials seek. 

That’s exactly what Komune Living offers right here in Bangsar South. Here, you’ve got facilities, utilities, housekeeping services, and more made better by a lower cost of living and a fun community to be around. It’s more than a stay; it’s an all-in-one living solution to live, work, and play in.

From a fully-equipped gym to a self-service laundromat, Komune Living has all you need for an enjoyable daily routine.

We could talk about the concept all day, but you’d probably be more interested in the practicality of this lifestyle. 

To explore that, let’s dive straight into the mind of a Komune Living community member. We recently spoke to Alicja Bartos, who’s staying here with her husband Michal, an IT Management executive overseeing IT resources and software operations. Here’s what she had to say about the co-living lifestyle here.



Hailing from Poland, Alicja Bartos is now staying in Komune Living with her husband Michal on a long stay package.

How long have you been staying in Komune Living?
We started staying here in January this year as my husband’s company in Poland assigned him to manage the client accounts in Malaysia for the first two quarters of 2020.

There are six different room types here at Komune Living. Which did you and your husband pick for your stay?
Both of us have selected the Dreamer One Plus to be our home away from home while we are here in Malaysia. We really like that the studio has a nice living area and plenty of storage space readily built-in.

Alicja stays in a Dreamer One Plus room type like this, with a versatile layout to suit every need.

Each Komune Living room is fully furnished, making for a convenient and comfortable home away from home.

So, why did you choose to stay at Komune Living?
We needed a place to stay at for 6 months and were looking for somewhere close to Bangsar South as Michal’s office in Malaysia is based there. Komune Living seemed like a perfect fit as it is just a short walk to my husband’s workplace. The long stay packages were also very attractive for us as the all-inclusive fees covered everything and we had nothing else to worry about.

How did you come across Komune Living in the first place?
Michal’s company came across Komune Living from their brand website when searching for accommodations options for us online. It was quite an easy booking process for us and we were delighted that this co-living space checked all the boxes for us and fit all our requirements.

Komune Living was picked because of how close it is to your husband’s office. Other than that, any thoughts about the location?
It’s extremely convenient and hassle-free for us especially in the mornings – we get to enjoy the breakfast prepared for us daily together before he heads off to work. We also love being in Bangsar South as it practically has everything we need. It is pedestrian-friendly and we feel secure and comfortable while walking around in the evenings. We have explored many kinds of new cuisines and food outlets around the area and enjoyed the street food bazaar on Fridays too.

It’s also great that there are 2 LRT train stations nearby. Whenever we would want to explore further out and see more of Kuala Lumpur, all we have to do is to catch the public transport or hail a Grab to take us out.

What makes Komune Living different from other living accommodation you’ve stayed in?
We like that we are not merely confined to our rooms. It is different from staying in a hotel or apartment because the co-living facilities on Level 1 & Level 29 are so useful and provide us with lots of space to relax and hang out. It is also great for Michal and I that we are able to spend our leisure time out of our room and do what we like individually with the different facilities and activities available.

Want to get to know the community through fun and games? Komune Living’s games room has what you need.

Alicja getting her cravings fixed from one of the co-living space’s many vending machines.

Co-living is all about that community living experience. Have you developed any meaningful relationships with the Komune Living community?
 I have personally enjoyed my experience cooking with some of the other guests in the community kitchen. We exchanged recipes with one another and even tasted each other’s dishes. It was quite fun being part of that.

Komune Living’s spacious communal lounge and kitchen, perfect for working, having a meal, chilling with friends, and more.

The community kitchen is just one of the facilities here. Which facility at Komune Living do you enjoy the most?
 The facility at Komune Living I use the most would be the alfresco seating area at Level 29. I also spend my time by the infinity pool reading and relaxing. With the sounds of the pool in the background and the city view surrounding the space, it is a great place to just unwind.

The infinity pool at Komune Living offers grand cityscape views for a splashing good time.

Overall, what’s the best thing about living in Komune Living?
The best part would be although it’s like we’re living in our own place, we are also well taken care of by the Komune Living team. It’s great that Komune Living throws in housekeeping services for us twice a week. I love how the housekeeper always transforms our room to be clean and tidy, as if it was our first day staying here. 

For more on why more and more people like Alicja are loving the co-living lifestyle, check out our previous coverage on Komune Living, or head over to the Komune Living web page to learn more.