The Goodwood Residence – Family First



The Goodwood Residence_grand lobby

Few things are as important to the Malaysian community as family – which is why UOA Group’s multi-generational homes at The Goodwood Residence should resonate strongly with all of us. Named, appropriately, after the icon of a family tree, the 40-storey property sits in prime position in Bangsar South, surrounded by transport links, commercial offices, leisure, healthcare, and hospitality services. Its 678 units range from a Type A 947 square feet residence with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, all the way up to a generously proportioned 2,002 square feet Type E home with five bedrooms and bathrooms.

The development of The Goodwood Residence not only reflects UOA Group’s timely response to an increasing demand from family-focused end users in favour of bigger units, capable of housing several generations under one roof, but also mirrors the growing international trend of multi-generational living. Although the concept of living with one’s grandparents, parents, and children – or even great-grandchildren – might not be such an unfamiliar concept to those who have lived and grown up in Asia, families in Western cultures have typically encouraged a higher level of independence (some might call it separation) between generations as their lives progress.

All that is beginning to change now. From Norway to Japan, architects and designers are beginning to look in the direction of building multi-generational homes, with homes that bring different members of a family together, regardless of age, creating a sense of unity, interdependence, and mutual respect. It has become very much a necessary movement to tackle concerns surrounding the demands of childcare and living assistance for the elderly; the scarcity of suitable accommodation for different demographics; and the increasing strain on natural and financial resources – problems familiar to many across the world.

Thoughtfully constructed with the goal of harmonious living always in sight, The Goodwood Residence promises to lead the way for multi-generational living in Malaysia through spaces that allow for privacy as well as togetherness. There are details big and small that lend themselves wonderfully to the needs and preferences of various family members. Take the vast array of communal recreational facilities, for example, which include an indoor playroom for toddlers, an obstacle course-based adventure zone for bigger children, a discovery pond, and a cycling track.

Ever-aware of the myriad of ways in which a family changes and progresses, the majority of units at The Goodwood Residence even features a removable wall that permits greater flexibility when it comes to adapting to the lives of family members. A teenager who requires additional space might have the benefit of being able to expand his/ her bedroom, or once an older child moves overseas to study or work, the room can be converted into a useful storage space for the rest of the family. In effect, just as a family grows or shrinks over time, a unit at The Goodwood Residence moulds itself to their needs with ease, in a way that incurs zero disruption to the rhythms of family life.

For seniors, there is an aqua gym, putting green, chess pavilion, and a dedicated space for mahjong groups. The heated pool – designed specifically with elderly family members in mind – presents a pleasant temperature-controlled alternative for those who wish to exercise and warm their joints, and is thoughtfully tucked away towards the back of The Goodwood Residence for more privacy. These facilities are crucial when it comes to encouraging the development of strong bonds between multiple generations in individual families, making inter-generational exchanges all the more meaningful and promoting a healthy family environment.

The Goodwood Residence places a high priority on enabling residents to ‘age in place’, offering a welcome option against the prospect of having to turn to retirement homes, or making an inconvenient decision to move to a different ‘senior-friendly’ property altogether. Here, every unit is already designed with elderly residents in mind – tiling and flooring materials are all anti-slip; the corridors are wide enough to allow a wheelchair to move easily; the master bathroom is fitted with sliding doors; a bench in the shower area; and a non-stepped floor for added safety. It is a brilliant reminder that a property at The Goodwood Residence is for life – a life lived with the love and support of one’s family.