Tricor Malaysia – the expert in business outsourcing services – recently introduced its latest offering in the form of a business incubation centre known as Tricor Hive in Bangsar South.

Catering to start-ups with services that go beyond facilities and operational needs, Tricor Hive’s solutions and resources focus on accelerating the growth and success of entrepreneurial ventures.

Among its list of features are serviced offices and hot desk with flexible rental terms, comprehensive business   set-up   solutions,  fully   equipped   meeting rooms and high-speed Wi-Fi connections.

Virtual office solutions are also available, providing entrepreneurs with the flexibility to run their businesses effectively from home or anywhere they prefer.

In line with its efforts to modernise and innovate current business   trends,   Tricor   Hive   has   also   introduced Two J – a business lounge with a relaxed setting and spectacular view, suitable for casual business meetings   and   brainstorming   sessions.   The   name   Two J is inspired by the beauty and peace of Toodyay (pronounced as Two-J), known as a place of plenty in Western Australia.

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