Our Award-Winning Lifestyle Hub – The Sphere

All work and no play makes a very boring place to be. Thankfully, our lifestyle hub The Sphere spices things up in Bangsar South – a place of food and leisure for visitors and those working in our integrated development. It has been recognised as one of the best landscape designs in Malaysia, winning an Honour Award in the Professional Category of the 11th Malaysia Landscape Architecture Awards (MLAA).

We’re grateful to the panel of judges that deemed us worthy of this award, but we also wanted to hear from the people who matter the most: those who frequent The Sphere. So, we went on-site to ask some questions, and some visitors were gracious enough to humour our requests (thank you very much!).

A Little Green Goes a Long Way
One thing’s for certain: our landscaping is a key highlight of The Sphere. Having a little greenery interspersed amongst the glass and steel really gives our lifestyle hub a sense of natural freshness, which many of our visitors have come to appreciate.

Greenery and open-air spaces give visitors a real breath of fresh air at The Sphere.

Take Alex, who frequents Bangsar South for work. “The Sphere has a lot of greenery compared to other places,” he said, which is why he also comes over after work hours to enjoy a meal and savour the landscaping. Angelito from the Philippines also finds The Sphere and the greater Bangsar South area to be his cup of tea. Deployed here for work, he said that the greenery is one of the main reasons he chose this area to make a living. “The first thing I noticed was the park in the middle. Makes me feel like ‘wow, I wanna work here!’,” he clarified.

The wonders of landscaping are also appreciated by The Sphere’s tenants, like Mr Beh Kok Aun, co-owner of Sunbather Coffee. He said the serene natural scenery provides a charming workplace for those desiring tranquility. “It’s not just beautiful, but also functional and capable of providing an oasis in the concrete jungle – a breath of fresh air for all of us.”   

Mr Beh of Sunbather Coffee praised The Sphere’s relaxing space and warm atmosphere.

An Oasis of F&B
While we spoke to our interviewees, the people around us made their way towards the various restaurants in the area for lunch. This is when the action picks up at Bangsar South, with many F&B options ready to satisfy any midday craving.

The Sphere gets pretty crowded during meal times, but there’s more than enough space for everyone.  

It’s no surprise then that many people come over to sate their growling tummies. Amanda, for instance, took a 15-minute Grab ride to Bangsar South for her lunch break. “It’s really clean, which is a good change,” she said, talking about how The Sphere makes for an enjoyable lunch spot. We also interviewed Yung Khang, who has been around Bangsar South for half a year. He has sampled most of The Sphere’s 20 F&B outlets and has a favourite: “Normally I’ll be hanging out at Tom, Dick & Harry’s for drinks.”

We make sure our F&B tenants have all the help they need so they don’t have to worry about anything other than giving visitors the best dining experience. Mr Kelli, owner of Portofino Bangsar South commends us for helping him operate his restaurant smoothly. He added, “I find a lot of potential in the Sphere, which has really elevated the status of Bangsar South as well.”

Portofino Bangsar South’s Mr Kelli is proud to be a part of The Sphere’s community.

Easily Reached, Easily Enjoyed
Above all else, however, everyone talked about how Bangsar South and The Sphere were very accessible, whether they took public transport, Grab rides, or their own transport to get here. We won’t deny that it’s a major part of why many people come by in the first place!  

For public transport users like Angelito, they’re easily able to take the train to the Kerinchi or KL Gateway-Universiti stations, putting them a quick walk away from Bangsar South and The Sphere. Those driving here enjoy a straightforward journey; Amanda’s Grab ride and Yung Khang’s drive over were both smooth trips. “It’s quite accessible, and traffic isn’t too bad unless it’s a regular Friday,” said Amanda.

Yung Khang gave praise to our parking specifically, saying “there’s a lot of space and season parking is not that expensive”. He likes not having to fight for parking space, especially after driving a significant distance for work. Alex* was also surprised by how easy it was to find parking here.

We’ve put in the work to make The Sphere a place that meets the needs of Bangsar South and beyond, and we’re excited to have pleased many people who came by (and winning an award for it too)! A final thank you to everyone who took the time to answer our questions. Don’t just take our word for it though, come on over and experience The Sphere for yourself!

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*Name changed to maintain their anonymity.