Get to know Kampung Kerinchi – Flora Fauna Edition

Thinking of exploring the wonders of nature around Kampung Kerinchi?

Be sure to look out for these flora and fauna when adventuring at Bukit Gasing and Taman Rimba Bukit Kerinchi!

The Common Birdwing is spotted at Bukit Gasing. It is also often found in the wildlife trade due to its popularity among butterfly collectors. Under dry conditions, the Spike Mosses can survive dehydration by rolling up into a brown ball and rehydrate under moist conditions and resume growth.

Spot a Copera Marginipes, a dragonfly species at Bukit Gasing. They normally hover over grasses and low vegetation, picking their prey with their spiny legs. The Pink-Necked Green Pigeon is a rare pigeon species in Malaysia. Only the male has pink shade on its neck and occasionally gives strange, alien-sounding coos.

The Red and Black Bush Cricket can normally be found under a blanket of fallen leaves and twigs. During raining seasons, their calls can be quite overwhelming.

There are many types of wild mushrooms and fungi along the trails in a variety of colours such as yellow, brown, white and black. The Stork-Billed Kingfisher is a territorial bird, normally found near the streams in Bukit Kerinchi Forest Park. The bird is difficult to miss with its loud cackling repeated for almost every 5 seconds.

The Collared Scops Owl is found in well-wooded areas or a humid evergreen forest. During the day, you might catch them roosting in a tree while surrounded by small birds. Globba Albiflora, also known as Dancing Ladies, is a small ginger plant that can found in Bukit Gasing. Its flowers are small and difficult to spot.

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