Eau De Vie At Nexus Bangsar South

This article on Eau De Vie Retail and Bar originally appeared in the Chillin’ @ Nexus Bangsar South online campaign.

Eau De Vie (EDV), a nice restaurant at Nexus Bangsar South offers wine pairing and a full range of liquor, from wine, champagne, to beer and whiskey. I had the opportunity to dine there recently on some of their delectable western cuisine, paired with a good bottle of wine.

The beauty of Eau De Vie is the in-house Sommelier, something that is hard to find in many restaurants in Malaysia. The name Eau De Vie itself stands for the ‘water of life’, pretty apt for what they offer on their menu. Check out what we had that evening.

A wide choice of liquor at Eau De Vie is available

Eau De Vie’s patrons can dine in the warmly lit yellow lights inside or chill out at their spacious al-fresco area that furnished with wooden fixtures outside. Inside, they offer a spacious VIP room as well, with huge sofas and flat screen TV.

Let’s have our meal with some house wine, Bottega in this case

Bottega sparkling wine

Eau de Vie’s house pour wine is priced at RM12 nett per glass before 9 p.m, so be sure to take advantage of having some wine, paired with your meal. We had the Bottega sparkling wine that evening, poured by the waitress at our table.

Mariniere – RM28

We kicked off dinner with the wine, paired with multiple western cuisine, starting off with the Mariniere. A bowl of Tasmania Black Mussels cooked in white wine sauce and shallot, garlic, butter and parsley, served with some bread, this is one of the crowd favourite at Eau De Vie. Even for a person like myself who rarely take mussels, I actually liked this dish, especially when taken with the sauce.

Deep Fried Squids – RM14

To be taken as an appetizer, or as a snack to go with chilled beer, their Deep Fried Squids went well with the lemon mayo dip. Simple, yet appetizing, we were ready for more yummy noms.

Andalusian Crab Cake – RM22

Served on a bed of pak choy and garlic, the Andalusian Crab Cake had a lot of crab meat stuffed inside. Pan fried, it had a nice texture, going real well with the creamy avocado aioli on top. I like the fact they were really generous with the crab meat. Good stuff.

Seafood Mixed Grill – RM49

If you are unsure which seafood dish to order, why not go for their Seafood Mixed Grill, a mixture of grilled sea-bass, prawn, clam, squid, scallop antipasto, tomato and asparagus with capers beurre blanc. Fresh, scrumptious seafood, I do think for the price you’re paying, you actually get your money’s worth.

Chef’s Special Beef Ribs – RM60

Grilled Lamb Cutlets – RM48

Ah, meat dishes are my favourite. Eau De Vie brought out their specialties, the Chef’s Special Beef Ribs and Grilled Lamb Cutlets, both looking real good even before I chomp down on the meat. The beef ribs are slow braised, served with potato salad, corn-on-the-cobs, buttered vegetables. Love the generous portion. Served with garlic mash, minty salad and baked caramelized pear with rosemary garlic reduction, treat your senses to a wonderful culinary experience with the perfectly grilled tender Australian lamb cutlets.

Chocolate Volcano Lava Cake – RM17

We ended our meal with Eau De Vie’s Chocolate Volcano Lava Cake. Served with premium vanilla ice cream, this made in-house heavenly rich double molten chocolate cake is definitely a dessert not to be missed for serious chocoholics. Remember to check them out the next time you’re at Nexus Bangsar South, and am in the mood for some good liquor to go with your meal.

Article source: ISAACTAN.NET